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Doors, Glorious Doors!


Jennifer Petoff, (aka Dr. J) from Sidewalk Safari brings you the best door photography from around the world. Discover the joy of doors; from doortraits to door art. If you love doors as much as I do, this is the place to be!

Wooden double-door with an arched fanlight. The door is set in a concrete frame surrounded by brick. No.5 is written above the door in an Art Nouveau font.

Doors of the World

Explore curated galleries of door photos from my travels around the world. Clicking on each photo below will take you to a different collection.

Brown wooden door

Best doors

Door of the Month – June 2024

I had the chance to visit Reykjavik on a business trip recently. I didn’t have much time to explore Iceland, but I did make time to explore the doors of Reykjavik.

The bright blue wall on which this door is set initially caught my eye. My favorite part of this door screams Iceland: the lower panel features a Viking-inspired carved design. What an outstanding door!

Photograph of bright pink and yellow neighbor doors in the background with a tree trunk in the foreground and a field of grass in between.

Door Scavenger Hunt

Add some structure to your door-focused photo walks with this fun scavanger hunt game that I invented.

Red door with two slabs separated by a mullion. the door is set in a red tiled wall. There is a transom light decorated with iron work grilles. The lites on the door itself are covered with decorative metal grilles. The mullion is highlighted with a white rectangle and there is a text overlay that reads "mullion"

Anatomy of a Door

Learn about the architectural features of a door (vocabulary and photos) so we can better describe our door images.

Red door at the end of a shrub lined path. The door is slightly open and there is a collie dog standing in the entrance. There is a text overlay that reads "Remember that the door to happiness swings inward"

Door Quotables

Dive into our collection of motivating quotes and get some doorspiration for your career and life.