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My Doorstory

Jennifer Petoff of Sidewalk Safari standing in front of a pink Georgian door in Dublin Ireland

Hi! I’m Jennifer Petoff (aka Dr. J) and I am obsessed with photographing doors.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been the voice and photographer behind Sidewalk Safari. I’m an American-Irish expat and part-time travel blogger living in Lisbon, Portugal with a busy full time ‘day job’ as a project manager in the Tech industry.

Over the years, I’ve found the focus of my travel photography shifting. I used to post all manner of pictures from our European and global travels on Instagram.

Over time, I started noticing more and more doors in the places we visited. Today, I only publish pictures of doors on Instagram…3 doors a day, in fact! From the grandest of doors to dilapidated doors to doors covered in street art, I’ve come to embrace door photography as what I like to tell people is my weird hobby.

I dedicate this site to all the Doors, Glorious Doors of the world and their admirers. I hope you’ll visit regularly for plenty of doorspiration.

Explore my galleries and find tricks for photographing doors in their best light as well as tips where to find the best doors around the world.

Bright blue weather-worn door surrounded by Portuguese tiles.

The Doors I Love

  • Georgian Doors in Dublin
  • Victorian Doors in San Francisco
  • Art Nouveau Doors in Ålesund Norway
  • Art Deco Doors in Miami
  • Doors surrounded by amazing tiles in Lisbon
  • Weather-worn Doors
  • Shopfront doors
  • Doors covered by ivy or colorful flowers
  • Doors in every color of the rainbow in cities around the world