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Blue Door Photography Gallery

Imagine strolling through cobbled streets, sunlight dappling the worn facades. Suddenly, a burst of cerulean catches your eye – a magnificent blue door, a splash of color against the historic architecture.

Sunlight spills through vibrant flowers cascading from balconies, and every turn highlights a new architectural fascination. But your eye keeps getting drawn to a single detail – a captivating blue door. These portals stand as more than just entrances; they’re splashes of color beckoning you to explore hidden stories and vibrant cultures.

This gallery invites you on a visual journey around Europe (and beyond), all framed through the lens of beautiful blue doors. Prepare to be transported by the charm of weathered turquoise doors nestled in sun-drenched alleyways, the majestic elegance of cobalt portals guarding grand estates, and the whimsical allure of sky-blue doorways edging historic streets. Every image whispers a tale of a unique place, a promise of adventure waiting to be discovered just beyond the threshold.

As you explore this collection, get ready to have your wanderlust ignited and your travel bucket list splashed with vibrant hues.

Blue door with decorative fanlight and side lites with circular decorated glass. The door says "Irish National Teachers Organisation".

BLUE Georgian Door

Dublin, Ireland

Bright blue door with a small heart shaped decoration. The wooden blue facade matches the color of the door. There are flowers and a little owl sitting in front of the door.

Blue door on the harbour

Kristiansund, Norway

Blue door on a white wall in Santorini Greece


Santorini, Greece

Pair of blue doors in Almada, Portugal. There is a sign that reads A Toca Regional. There are calçadas portuguesas in a wavy pattern in front of the doors.

Portuguese Blue Doors

Almada, Portugal

Pair of blue doors set in a brick facade in The Hague, Netherlands.

Dutch door

The Hague, Netherlands

Ornate blue door surrounded by blue and white portuguese tiles. There is an awning that reads Pastéis de Belém desde 1837. There is a neighboring door that invites the viewer into the bakery.

blue door to the bakery

Belém, Portugal

Pair of blue doors set in a stone facade in Ponta Delgada on São Miguel in the Azores of Portugal

blue azorean doors

Ponta Delgada, São Miguel

Blue door with a large Christmas wreath above it. The door is set in the stone wall of historic Kilkea Castle in Kildare Ireland


Kildare, Ireland

Blue door on a white wall. The window in the door panel is covered with a lacey curtain. There is an ornate metal lamp fixed in the transom. There are two site lites made of yellow glass.

Blue Art Nouveau Door

Ålesund, Norway

Bright blue door engulfed in ivy. There are numerous potted plants in front of the door. There is a large window next to the door and a sign that reads: Moore's Miscellanea

Blue Shopfront Door

London, England

Teal blue door to a shopfront in Ghent, Belgium. There are windows surrounding the doors and "Temmerman" written on the windows. Above the windows there are scenes carved into the stone. There is a large lamppost in front of the entrance.

Historic SHOP DOOR

Ghent, Belgium

Bright blue door surrounded by black and white striped pillars in Buffalo, New York

West Side Door

Buffalo, NY, USA

Which door will you unlock next?

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