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Doors of the Month Gallery

Explore all my best door photography with this carefully curated photo gallery featuring my picks for “Door of the Month”. Develop a newfound appreciation for what I think are the most beautiful, fun, and unique doors from around the world. From Art Deco doors to Georgian doors and everything in between, you’ll discover a door for all seasons.

Cornflower blue door surrounding by matching blue Portuguese tiles. The door is set in an ornately carved stone frame. This is the door to Palácio do Raio in Braga, Portugal.

July 2024

Braga, Portugal

Brown wooden door

June 2024

Reykjavik, Iceland

Wooden door with diagonal slats in a rounded frame. There is a white bench shaped like a butterfly in front of the door sitting on a red carpet. There is ivy with a thick trunk running up the lime green wall above and to the right of the door. There is a small red heart in the center of the door.

May 2024

Lindau, Germany

Worn wooden door with two panels each with a square metal door knob. There is a "letter" slot near the top of the left panel. The facade is bright orange. There is a statue of Neptune painted in black paint to the left of the door that resembles Neptune on Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. There is a small pug painted in black sitting next to the door. There is a metal doggie dish filled with water sitting in the

April 2024

Bologna, Italy

Painted brown door with 2 round stained glass windows set in a sturdy stone frame. There is a simple plain glass fanlight which contains a triangular blue panel that reads 15B in an Art Nouveau-style font.

March 2024

Helsinki, Finland

Top half of a wooden door with two stained glass panels. Instead of glass, the fanlight is painted with roses. There is a lamp over the door. The door is set against a round brick tower.

February 2024

Aarhus, Denmark

Bright blue weather-worn door surrounded by Portuguese tiles.

January 2024

Mafra, Portugal

Christmas tree covered in red baubles and lights next to an ornate wooden door

December 2023

Lisbon, Portugal

Wooden door with a glass panel and wreath on the front set in an alcove. The alcove is surrounded by ornate neo-gothic carvings and flanked by two lamps. There is a lamp in the domed alcove.

November 2023

San Francisco, California

Black door surrounded by red ivy. There is an Autumn wreath on the door. The steps leading up to the door are covered in flowerpots and Halloween decorations

October 2023

Dublin, Ireland

Tan door partially obscured by flowerpots hanging on the stone wall. Behind the door is a beautiful view of a green hilly valley.

September 2023

Monsanto, Portugal

Pair of twin wooden door worn by weather. There is a barrel in front of the left door. Picture taken in Lyon, France.

August 2023

Lyon, France

Wooden door set at an angle and flanked by Art Nouveau tiles in The Hague in the Netherlands.

July 2023

The Hague, Netherlands

Wooden door and historic stone frame in Castelo Branco, Portugal. There is an open window covered in lace next to the door. The door stands in front of an uneven stone sidewalk.

June 2023

Castelo Branco, Portugal

Modest wooden door with a round window featuring a pirate "jolly roger". The door is set on a yellow wall in the Azores of Portugal.

May 2023

São Miguel, Azores

Bright orange door that says "Neptune House" above the fanlight. There is a crowned face sculpted above the door.

April 2023

Cork, Ireland

Red doors surrounded by streetart (an old lady with a plunger) in Valparaiso Chile.

March 2023

Valparaiso, Chile

Grey door with an ornate fanlight. The door is decorated with a wreath of roses. There is a heart-shaped decoration hanging from a lamp to the left of the door.

February 2023

Dublin, Ireland

White door with bright blue trim surrounded by flowering plants in Alvor, Portugal.

January 2023

Alvor, Portugal

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