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Doors of the World that Inspire Travel ✈️

Doors, those humble portals, can hold immense power. They can be grand and ornate, whispering of ancient palaces, or brightly colored and whimsical, promising hidden cafes in cobbled alleyways.

I’m constantly on the lookout for these evocative entryways on my travels around Europe and the world. I see each door as a gateway to a new story waiting to be explored. This gallery covers some of the best doors I’ve encountered in places all over the world.

Let’s see where they take us! Which door will inspire your next trip? When you find one that captures your imagination, click on the link to open the door and start planning an adventure!

North American Doors

Dusty blue storefront. The door has a flowery wreath on it. There is a large window featuring a variety of antiques. "Once Upon a Time" is stenciled on the window. There are two chairs and a plant in front of the window.

Workcation in Poughkeepsie

Hudson River Valley, NY, USA

Black double door with a stained glass transom set under a porch at the top of a set of steps. The door is part of a San Francisco Victorian home.

Weekend in the sf Bay Area

San Francisco, California, USA

Glass door with purple grilles. the door is set in a frame painted with multi-colored stars. The transom is arched with a carved eagle at the peak. The door is flanked by a pair of green pilasters.

A Day out in the Big Apple

New York City, NY, USA

Door hinge that reads "Texas Capitol"

Weekend in The Texas Capital

Austin, Texas, USA

South American Doors

Door to a wooden shack in Aguas Calientes Peru. The door is covered in floral street art. There is a sign that reads Venta Oficial de Ticket de Bus above the door

Machu Picchu

Aguas Calientes, Peru

Red wooden door set on an orange corrugated facade. The facade is covered with a moon face. There are two pillars flanking the gate in front of the door painted with figures of women.

South america street art mecca

Valparaiso, Chile

European Doors

Bright blue door with colorful characters in the frame.

Experience Summer

Edinburgh, Scotland

Ornately carved doorframe surrounding an open door. There is a chandelier and stuffed animals visible inside. There are large teddy bears sitting outside the door

Things to do in Tricity

Gdansk, Poland

Ornate wooden door set in a stone frame with a crest carved into the transom. There is a tile portrait of Jesus above the door. Two orange trees and two small circular windows flank the door.

Off The Beaten Track

Castelo Branco, Portugal

Black door with a modern rounded glass transom. The door is set in a facade that is covered in red, black, and white patterned tiles.

hidden geMs of

Lisbon, Portugal

Wooden door with two slabs and reddish-brown panels. The transom window is covered with white wooden grilles. The door is set against a red brick wall

spend a weekend in

Sofia, Bulgaria

Pair of yellow and purple doors in Dublin Ireland. Each door is flanked by two pilasters and both have ornate Georgian fanlights

Free things to do in

Dublin, Ireland

Facade of a home in Reykjavik Iceland. There is a window covered in newspaper in the foreground. The shutters have fleur-de-lis on them. There is a smaller basement window decorated with a carved dragon. A small stairway and a wooden door that is partially open sits to the right of the window and is slightly recessed.

things to do in

Reykjavik, Iceland

Asia Pacific Doors

Red wooden doors surrounded by a decorative red lattice. There are two red pilasters surrounding the door and a faded blue painted wooden beam above the door. There are statues of oxen in front of the door

The Forbidden City

Beijing, China

Ornate wooden door in Jaipur India set against a brightly colored facade that resembles peacock feathers.

3 days in The Pink city

Jaipur, India

Black "Booking Bureau" door with a cafe table in front. The door has a transom with ornate gold floral patterns.


Sydney, Australia

Utilitarian black metal door. The door is covered in street art. The street art depicts a boy wearing a jersey and a cape and "Inner Demons" is written on a scroll across the bottom

3 days in

Melbourne, Australia

Double-wide wooden door set on a wall covered in ivy. There is a plant in a wine barrel to one side and a bench made from wine barrels on the other side.

take a day trip to waiheke island

Auckland, New Zealand

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