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Door of the Month – April 2024

Worn wooden door with two panels each with a square metal door knob. There is a "letter" slot near the top of the left panel. The facade is bright orange. There is a statue of Neptune painted in black paint to the left of the door that resembles Neptune on Piazza Maggiore in Bologna. There is a small pug painted in black sitting next to the door. There is a metal doggie dish filled with water sitting in the

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is Italy’s city of porticos and I spent a weekend in Bologna last month. While porticos may be the city’s primary claim to fame, Bologna is also famous for fabulous doors.

Huge wooden doors with ornate carvings and amazing Italian door knockers are shaded under every portico.

I like wandering cities without a particular destination in mind. That’s how I chanced upon this fun street art door on a side alley in Bologna.

When I saw it, I knew this would be my next door of the month. The Neptune painting screams Bologna and that little painted pug sitting next to the real-life water bowl? Genius.

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