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Door of the Month – July 2024

Braga, Portugal

Portuguese doors are some of my favorites in Europe. The bright colors, intricate panels, and stunning patterned azulejos always make me smile.

I took a workcation in Braga recently which has the distinction of being Portugal’s oldest city. Is Braga worth visiting? If you love this palace door, then you’ll definitely want to add Braga to your Northern Portugal itinerary.

This lovely cornflower blue door is the entrance to Palácio do Raio. I originally spotted it as we drove by on the way into town. It’s a good thing I wasn’t driving or I would have hit the brakes immediately to take a picture.

Instead, we went back to get a picture on foot in the early evening and the light was perfect: one of my key recommendations for how to photograph a door – wait for nice, uniform light.

As soon as I saw this door it was love at first sight and I knew it would be my July 2024 door of the month.

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