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Door Poetry Collection

I find that there is something so poetic about a beautiful door. With this in mind, I decided to create this collection of door poems. Below you’ll find some of my favorite door images and an accompanying haiku. Add a little joy to your day through poetry… and doors, glorious doors, of course.

Modest wooden door with a round window featuring a pirate "jolly roger". The door is set on a yellow wall in the Azores of Portugal.

A Pirate Poem

Azores’ whispers roam,
Pirate door echoes salty tales,
Spring blooms treasure sleeps.

Bright blue weather-worn door surrounded by Portuguese tiles.

Poetic Portugal

Azure whispers age,
Tiles tell tales in weathered blue,
Mafra’s charm unfolds.

Red door surrounded by red ivy on a brick facade in Dublin Ireland

Ode to Dublin in the Fall

Crimson leaves ignite

Dublin’s doors bloom in fiery red

Autumn’s vibrant charm.

Red doors surrounded by streetart (an old lady with a plunger) in Valparaiso Chile.

STreet art poetry

Edgy door smiles wide,
Grandma wields a plunger’s might,
Valpo’s art takes flight.

Red door with blue trim on a red facade. There are two pine trees on either side of the door.

poetic trondheim

Red door whispers charm,
Blue trim, blooms dance, pines stand tall,
Norway’s heart beats warm.

Classic red Georgian door in Dublin Ireland

A Verse for georgian dublin

Footsteps trace the square,
Georgian whispers of Dublin,
Timeless elegance.

Painted brown door with 2 round stained glass windows set in a sturdy stone frame. There is a simple plain glass fanlight which contains a triangular blue panel that reads 15B in an Art Nouveau-style font.

a window to the soul

Helsinki doors gleam,
Stained glass eyes pierce winter night,
A silent welcome.

white half door (aka Dutch Door) set in a rough stone wall. The bottom half of the door is made from vertical planks of wood. The top half of the door has 4 square lites.

a window to the soul

White door, half ajar,
Beaune’s past whispers on the breeze,
Medieval dreams bloom.

Which door will you unlock next?

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