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Let’s Go Find the Best Dublin Doors on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Looking for urban scavenger hunt ideas in Dublin, one of the absolute best cities in Ireland to visit? You’ve come to the right place.

I absolutely love Dublin doors: the bright colors, the ornate fanlights, the odd knockers and more; there are so many hidden gems.

In a previous post, I’ve showed you where to find the best doors of Dublin. In this post, we’ll take it one step further with Dublin treasure hunt ideas focused on fabulous doors and something I consider to be one of the best free things to do in Dublin.

Join us as we embark on a free Dublin treasure hunt. This fun neighborhood scavenger hunt game will take you on some of the best Dublin walks from Dublin City Centre to hotbeds of beautiful doors like BallsbridgeGrand Canal DockRanelagh and Rathmines.

This free Dublin treasure hunt is the perfect excuse to explore Ireland’s capital city and get some exercise in the process.

Photograph of the top half of a bright pink Georgian door in Dublin, Ireland.

The Dublin Doors Treasure Hunt Checklist

Dublin doors are incredibly distinctive. This Dublin doors printable neighborhood scavenger hunt gives you 30 different types to choose from.

Think of this as a series of photo challenges. Photograph and share your awesome finds on Instagram with #FindDublinDoors and the associated hashtag of the type of door you found.

Here are a few examples of doors you might find and share. Interested in more examples of the kinds of doors you might seek out on this free Dublin treasure hunt? Click on the linked hashtags or images below.

Collage of 3 door pictures representing the hashtag #FindDublinDoors_pink
Collage of 3 door pictures representing the hashtag #FindDublinDoors_ivy
Collage of 3 wide doors in Dublin Ireland
Collage of 3 door pictures representing the hashtag #FindDublinDoors_fancyfan
Collage of 3 door pictures representing the hashtag #FindDublinDoors_tiles

Check out the #FindDublinDoors hashtag on Instagram for inspiration on what doors to be on the lookout for on your Dublin treasure hunt.

Click on the picture of the checklist below to open up a downloadable and printable pdf version to take with you and check off the doors you find as you go.

Not ready to go on this Dublin doors themed scavenger hunt now? Why not pin the checklist to Pinterest for later?

Dublin doors scavenger hunt checklist.
Click the checklist image to open a PDF in Google Drive that you can print.

Dublin Doors Neighbors Bingo

One of the things that I love about Dublin doors is the pairs that you find. I call two doors situated side-by-side “neighbors”. In this variation of our Dublin treasure hunt, we’ll play Neighbors Bingo.

You can play this Dublin neighborhood scavenger hunt solo or with a few friends. The idea is to look for neighbors in different colors that match your bingo card.

First one to find all the squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row can call out “Bingo!”

You can make the game harder by requiring players to fill in all the squares on the card to declare Bingo. Make it easier by setting a specific time limit and whoever fills in the most squares during that time wins.

Dublin Doors scavenger hunt bingo card
Dublin Doors scavenger hunt bingo card instructions

If a pair of colors appears on your Bingo card in both the horizontal and vertical direction, certain neighbors will fit in multiple places.

You can either count that door in both squares that it fits or pick one that is to your best advantage. Agree the rules that you plan to play by with your friends in advance.

Dublin Doors scavenger hunt bingo card instructions
Illustration of how to play door photography bingo.

This is what a winning Bingo card might look like.

Example of a winning Dublin Doors scavenger hunt bingo card
Click the bingo card image to open a PDF in Google Drive that you can print.

Click on the picture of the Bingo card below to open a pdf version in Google Drive that you can print out for your Dublin doors treasure hunt! There are five different Bingo cards to choose from.

Dublin doors bingo card template

Dublin Team Building Scavenger Hunts

I love combining business with pleasure and always try to make time for fun when I am on a business trip.

Planning a team summit in Dublin? These doors of Dublin neighborhood scavenger hunts make great team building activities.

Get to know Dublin and your teammates at the same time on a team building scavenger hunt activity.

Just print the checklist and Bingo cards and off you go on your choice of Dublin treasure hunts!

Variation! Dublin Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas at Home

I was lucky enough to live in Dublin for 12 years and to walk past Dublin’s amazing doors every day. Each day was a Dublin doors scavenger hunt for me, it seems!

If you can’t be there in person, fear not, you can still embark on a little armchair travel and participate in these scavenger hunt ideas at home.

Fire up Google Maps Street View and go on a virtual scavenger hunt to find Dublin’s best doors using the Neighbors Bingo Card or Dublin Doors Treasure Hunt Checklist to structure your virtual treasure hunt.

Where to Go for Your Dublin Doors Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt?

There are so many amazing places to find the doors of Dublin. The most obvious places to look are around Dublin’s historic Georgian squares like Merrion Square and St. Stephen’s Green.

Ballsbridge, Rathmines, Ranelagh, and Sandymount are also well worth the walk. For a full list of places to inspire your Dublin doors treasure hunt, check out my local’s guide to the best doors of Dublin.

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