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Dublin’s Georgian Doors: A Kaleidoscope of Colors on Merrion Square

Georgian doors are the quintessential element of Dublin architecture. These colorful doors lend the Irish capital its unique atmosphere. I lived in Dublin for 12 years and during that time came to know Merrion Square as the epicenter of the city’s Georgian architecture.

I’ve written a lot about Dublin doors and Merrion Square is probably my favorite place to go on a photowalk in Ireland.

Let’s explore Dublin’s Georgian doors on Merrion Square! I think you’ll quickly learn why I’m such a fan of these distinctive Irish doors.

Presenting the Georgian Doors of Merrion Square

During my time in Dublin, I probably photographed every door on Merrion Square (likely multiple times). These colorful doorways are my absolute favorites. You can easily do a lap around Merrion Square Park in 10-15 minutes. How many of these gems can you find?

Close up of a yellow Georgian door on Merrion Square in Dublin. There are two lites set in the top of the door slab. the lites are decorated with ornate black metal grilles. The fanlight and flanking mullions are decorated with ornate white grilles.
Black Dublin Georgian Door with pilasters and sidelights framed in black. There is a knocker with a face on it on the door panel.
Black Dublin Georgian door with ornate flanking mullions with decorative white grilles accenting the sidelights. The fanlight has fainted colored lites.
Red Georgian door with a shiny metal plaque that reads "Royal Society of Antiquaries". The fanlight and mullions are decorated with ornate grilles. There is a door knocker with a face in the center of the door.
Bright blue Dublin Georgian door. There is a circular copper plaque that reads "Notre Dame Centre" to the right of the door. The door has a teardrop shaped knocker and an octagonal door knob. The fanlight and sidelights are decorated with ornate grilles.
Yellow Georgian door on Merrion Square with multiple mail slots. The door has a large fanlight and two mullions with patterned sidelights.
Blue Georgian door set on a yellowy brick wall. There are two small trees flanking the door planted in blue pots. The lites in the flanking mullions are decorated with ornate gray grilles. The fanlight is similarly decorated.
Green Georgian door on Merrion Square in Dublin. The door has two pilasters and mullions with patterned grilles flanking it. There is a plaque to the right of the door that reads "Landsdowne House"
Red Dublin Georgian door. There are two potted trees with corkscrew trunks flanking the door. The head of the door is decorated ornately in white stucco.
Blue Dublin Georgian door with painted panels. There are two tiny tree in planters on either side of the door. There is a plaque that reads Avison Young to the left of the door.

Georgian Doors Near Merrion Square

Are you loving this gallery of Irish doors? Take a short detour and extend your hunt for Dublin’s beautiful Georgian doors a bit further.

Set your course for Merrion Street Upper. Here, across from Ireland’s government buildings, you’ll find some of the most colorful and posh doors in the entire city.

Turn left onto Baggot Street lower and you’ll soon find yourself on a tree-lined street that is home to more of my favorite doors. Complete the circuit with a left turn on Fitzwilliam Street Lower which will return you to Merrion Square.

Baby Blue Dublin Georigan door. The slab is decorated with an ornate lion knocker, fancy door knob, and a mail slot. There are two plants on either side of the door that are blooming with red flowers.
Close up of a pink Dublin Georgian door. There is a security camera above the door. The door has two pilasters and richly patterned side panels.
Close-up doortrait of a black Dublin Georgian door. The door has richly decorated white trim surrounding the fanlight. There is a lion knocker on the door. There is a small plaque to the right of the door that reads "Dunloe Hall"
Dublin Georgian door with a wood slab pilasters, and decorated white stucco surrounding the fanlight

How to Spot a Georgian Style Door?

Now that we’ve explored some beautiful pictures of the Georgian doorways around Merrion Square, let’s discuss what makes the Georgian style unique. Make sure you consult my primer on the anatomy of a door if you are unfamiliar with the associated architectural lingo.


Georgian architecture is all about symmetry. The door’s decorative elements tend to be well-balanced. In al the pictures above, imagine drawing a line down the center and folding the door onto itself. Even the porch decorations (e.g., potted plants tend to be arranged symmetrically.

Fancy Fanlights

If you see an ornate fanlight, chances are you are looking at a Georgian door. These semi-circular windows over the door bathe the inside of the home with natural light while maintaining the privacy of the homeowners.

Rectangular Panels

Georgian doors feature a classic rectangular slab with square or rectangular panels arranged symmetrically. The exact panel layout can vary, but expect a tidy, elegant aesthetic.

Over-the-Top Moulding

Georgian architecture boasts ornate mouldings all around the door slab. Keep an eye out for elegant patterns or various animal or floral motifs. Georgian door frames are often anchored with sturdy pilasters that convey strength and sophistication.

Fascinating Knockers

Georgian door knockers give the entrance a distinctive flair that helps set each doorway apart from its neighbors. Look for large bold shapes, menacing lions, and serene faces staring out at you.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this photo gallery and travel essay featuring the uniquely Irish doors on Merrion Square in Dublin. To get your daily door photography fix, follow me on Instagram.

Want to improve your door photography? I’ve got you covered with my top tips on how to photograph a door.

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Bright pink Georgian door with a text overlay that reads "Sidewalk Safari: Doors Glorious Doors"

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